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After Love


After Love is Dani’s debut poetry collection. Every person is like a piece of gold. If you were a gold ring, a gold watch, a gold chain, you could say “I am a ring, a watch, a chain”, but these are temporary shapes. In truth, you are just gold – that is your essence, no matter how the shape changes.

After Love explores identity, change and recovery after the end of a long-term relationship.

Breaking waves, scattered buttons, disillusionment, enlightenment. I just gobbled it up… a really special book.- Sara Baume

Dani Gill’s poems are like suitcases to be unpacked, word by word, until there is nothing left but the feeling of a feeling. A lasting debut. –Simon Van Booy

Delicate and yet powerful poems, a paused and poignant poetry collection, not daring to gloss over or skim the suffering and pain that the time After Love can bring. Mermaids, floating, the sea bring calm when you least expect it, water a cleansing motif throughout. Essential love poems.- Elaine Feeney

Lessons in Kindness


Lessons in Kindness is a collection exploring identity, sexuality, strength and vulnerability. Through a series of losses and epiphanies, a young woman attempts to make sense of the lessons taught and learned. From the recent referenda in Ireland, to a landscape of women ghosts, Lessons in Kindness is a search for meaning and love, set against the backdrop of the wild Atlantic coast.

Here are reflections as fragile as eggshell. They are sparse and opaque, and work like a lens, allowing the reader to be the object of their own reading. A beautiful and uplifting book. -Michael Harding 

A beautiful account of the lives, loves and losses of three generations of women. The poems explore how interconnected those experiences are, in love, in grief, and how they move between generations like the ebb and flow of the tide. -Edel Coffey

A meditative collection on the importance of the people who make us, and the kindness they leave behind. -Elaine Feeney

Passion for Poetry workshop


Passion for Poetry is a bespoke workshop in poetry appreciation for a group of up to 8 people. Can be tailored to any theme. Experience poetry in a relaxed setting, akin to a bookclub setting, no prior knowledge of poetry needed!