Dani Delivers a cross-section of literary
and artistic workshop programmes.

Dani provides a collection of workshops for different age groups of all abilities.

The Variations of a Compass: A World Without Maps

This course involves non-linear narrative and post modernist writing techniques, to teach participants how to got lost and find their way again. The course includes writing exercises, creative visioning, collaborative writing sessions and one-to-one feedback.
Course is suitable for young people aged from 13-17 years.

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Bulletproof Ideas is a beginner creative writing course for young people that takes participants on a gentle journey with words. Guided reading, writing exercises and creative case studies are used to encourage bold guessing and confidence building in the areas of literature and writing.

Course is suitable for young people aged from 10-12 years or 13-17  years

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Workshops, Dani Gill



From Reader to Writer encourages participants to start writing and exploring essential techniques in this area. Samples of reading will be given and talked about to discuss plot, character building and setting. Students will then begin writing their own stories with guidance from Dani.  The course is intended to inspire and challenge in a fun environment that is conducive to learning and imagining. Participants should have an interest in reading and writing but this is all.

All participants will receive a certificate, a bookmark, and a notepad to take away with them upon completion of the course.

Workshops, Dani Gill


Passion for Poetry is a bespoke workshop in poetry appreciation for adults or young people. Work from contemporary poets is selected and presented by Dani, connected with a particular theme. The sessions are designed for people to experience poetry in a relaxed setting, where no prior knowledge of poetry is needed, and instead, poetry is used as a jumping off point for discussion and conversation.

Sessions can be tailored to any group and are available online and in person. Dani sometimes delivers these sessions to bookclubs who may want to try poetry as a focus for a change.

Workshops, Dani Gill