House of Pluto, Dani Gill
House of Pluto, Dani Gill
  • Matter and Infinity
  • A solo show by Dani Gill
  • 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Galway
  • April 10th-24th 2024


Matter and Infinity is a solo show by Dani Gill, exploring memory, water, lineage, the real, and the ephemeral. Working with water, text, and sculpture, the work explores what it means to exist in, and between universal planes, the fractured nature of memory, and how we understand our own physical state.

Matter: timber, wood for building, the woody part of a tree
M?teria, derivative of m?ter “mother, source, origin of (material and abstract) things.”
Three states of matter: solid; liquid and gas.

4th kind of matter-Plasma, the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the universe, mostly in stars (including the Sun), but also dominating the rarefied intracluster medium and intergalactic medium.

Infinity: from early French infinité, derived from Latin infinitus “having no limit,” from in- “not” and finitus, past participle of finire “to limit, bring to an end,” from finis “end, limit”

Anaximander, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, ‘apeiron’, which means “unbounded”, “indefinite”
Mathematician John Wallis, 1655: three main types of infinity may be distinguished: the mathematical, the physical, and the metaphysical.



House of Pluto, Dani Gill
  • GAMMY, a new play by Kate Finegan
  • Directed by Laura Sheeran
  • Performed by Eimear Keating
  • Project Arts Centre Dublin: April 11-13


GAMMY is stuck. GAMMY never grew up. GAMMY got left behind.
All puppy fat, pimples, and missing teeth at 31. Stuck working in the same old shop.
Today is different, today something is finally going to happen.
An Irish rural portrait of lost potential, inexpression, and female rage.

  • Written by Kate Finegan
  • Directed by Laura Sheeran
  • Performed by Eimear Keating
  • Script Dramaturg: Wayne Jordan
  • Lighting and Sound Design: Zia Bergin Holly

Made with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland Theatre Project Award.
Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of the Dublin Fringe Festival.