Dani has delivered young adult education programs since 2013.

Helping teenagers and young adults to improve self-esteem and instil confidence.
Education, Dani Gill
Creative Writing for Young People
Dani has taught creative writing to young people since 2013 and particularly enjoys working with teenagers. She believes in writing as a way to find confidence and build self-esteem and her workshops are focused on inclusion, openness and personal development.

Dani has a Diploma in Community Development and Youth Work (NUIG 2018)

and has worked with a number of charity groups and resource organisations on creative projects for young people. In the winter of 2015 she completed a writing project in Doughiska, Galway, an area which has the second highest youth population in Ireland and 33 nationalities living in the locality. Check out this project on Vimeo here Christmas Kindness

Sample Workshops

Education, Dani Gill

Fall into a World:
Gaming Narrative

Fall Into a World explores video game
narratives across different platforms,
and movie scripts, to identify themes,
and character development.

Education, Dani Gill

The Variations of a Compass: A World Without Maps

This course involves non-linear narra-
tive and post modernist writing tech-
niques, to teach participants how to
got lost and find their way again..

Education, Dani Gill

Bulletproof Ideas

Bulletproof Ideas is a beginner cre-
ative writing course for young people
that takes participants on a gentle
journey with words. Guided reading,

Education, Dani Gill

From Reader to Writer

From Reader to Writer encourages
participants to start writing and
exploring essential techniques in this
area. Samples of reading will be given